Just a Bit of Silliness

1. The Beginning

I am in desperate need of two things…

1. a creative outlet - I do not play an instrument, knit, paint, scrapbook or take part in anything remotely artsy. My job leaves little room to be creative, it is a very serious grown up job with rules and procedures etc. 

2. A place to empty the large quantity of thoughts and ideas I have every single day… I pretty much find everything interesting or intriguing and there just isn’t room in my brain for every restaurant I must visit, or that app I downloaded the other day, or the funny story I was told that is most likely not even a little bit true but still gets stored up there anyway. Everything just gets lost up there and mostly distracts me from important things like working whilst at work. So for example, I will just randomly tell my manager something I saw the other day that was fascinating, and even though he nods and smiles he would much prefer that I did some work and stop boring him with my silly nonsense.

Therefore, I will use this blog to tell the world about all the bits and bobs that I love and find interesting that generally my friends/boyfriend/colleagues have no time/inclination to listen to.

I hope you enjoy my ramblings… those of you who are film fans will know that my blog name is from the film Finding Neverland. I am a huge fan of anything related to Peter Pan, probably because I never want to stop being silly and naive completely. That would just be boring and that is one thing I will always refuse to be.